Chionesu Bakari Program For Young Men began in the summer of 2006 through the vision and tenacity of Horace L. Moore, Program, Founder and Executive Director. An educator, youth advocate and educational leader for over 28 years, Horace has had the privilege of serving as a mentor to youth of all ages and as a knowledge leader on approaches to teaching and building positive young black males.  Born and raised in Brooklyn (NY), Horace is intimately aware of the challenges that face young black males in America having navigated the path all of his life. He is grateful to be the product of a strong support system that taught him he was full of possibility. Horace firmly believes that when one is given the opportunity and encouragement to build on their God-given potential, there is little that they cannot accomplish; and he is intent on providing those same opportunities to young black males of today. By showing them by being a living representation of when you believe in yourself nothing can hold you back from achieving greatness.

Horace currently serves as a consultant, teacher, and advisor to various NYC elementary, middle and public high schools and organizations focused on solutions for youth.

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